Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Iconic film: Pretty woman (1990)

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¿Hace falta que os explique el argumento de esta película? Espero que no porque si me decís que no la habeís visto me da algo... ¡Jajajajaja!

Pretty Woman (1990) dirigida por Gary Marshall es una de las comedias románticas por excelencia de la historia del cine. Con un argumeneto poco habitual (y más que improbable) y una desconocida Julia Roberts la película se convirtió en un hit de la gran pantalla y una de las grandes "minas de oro" de los 90.

La cuidada banda sonora (con canciones inolvidables como Pretty woman de Roy Orbison o It must have been love de Roxette) así como un vestuario diseñado por Marilyn Vance-Straker con modelos que se han quedado para siempre en nuestra "memoria fashionista"  (como el vestido rojo o el blanco y azul con las botas mosqueteras) han hecho de Pretty Woman un película casi de culto.

La pregunta hoy no es si la habéis visto, si no... ¿cuántas veces la habéis visto? ¡¡Yo más de 10!! ;-)
¡Feliz miércoles chicas!

Is it necessary that I explain you the plot of that film?? I hope not, otherwise I'll suffer a crisis... Hahahahaha

Pretty Woman (1990) directed by Gary Marshall is one of the romantic comedies par excellence. With and unusual (and very unlikely) plot and an unkown Julia Roberts as the leading lady, the film was widely successful at the box office, and it became one of the highest money-makers of 1990.

The great soundtrack (with unforgettable songs such as Pretty woman from Roy Orbison or It must have been love from Roxette) along with the wardrobe created by Marilyn Vance-Straker with designs that will always remain in our "fashionista memory" (like the breathtaking red gown or the white and blue revealing dress with thigh-high boots) have made Pretty Woman practically a cult film.

Today the question is not if you have seen it, but... how many times have you seen it?? Me, more than 10!! ;-)
Happy Wednesday ladies!!



  1. this film is cult. it can never be topped by any other story ;)

    have fun, groetjes

  2. I loooooovvveee this film! I watched this, dirty dancing, and pearl harbour for the first time last week, and oh-my! I completely fell in love with them all. They have all got to be my favourite films now!xx

  3. I've seen this film a million times, I just love it!!!!

  4. I love this movie, you don't know so much!!

    Facebook page

  5. I've no idea how many times I've seen it...... hi hi good few I guess

    Lots of Love



    RUTH A.

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  8. I just love this movie and I'm a big fan of these amazing actors. Great post.


  9. Not one of my favourites but I admit that it's a classic!

  10. Todavia estoy enamorada de ese vestido a lunares.
    Un film que vi casi 100 veces! Besos

  11. One of my favorite films and I can't count how many times I've seen it - think it's more than 50 times :-) ... And thank's for remember and inspire me! Cause my plans for tonight have changed I'll going to watch this movie again - ha ha ... Kisses from Vienna,


  12. At least 10 times, Patricia... My favourite scene is when she walks back into that expensive store on Rodeo Drive in order to tell the sales assistants that they have made a big mistake ;-)

    Annette | Lady of Style

  13. This is definitely one of my most favorite movies, it has a little bit of everything..The movie is always amazing no matter how much I watch it!


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