Sunday, 23 September 2012

On repeat

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Mi antigua profesora de estilismo en el vestir me dijo una vez que los vestidos no eran la mejor opción para un buen fondo de armario porque eran difíciles de combinar. En aquel momento yo estuve de acuerdo con ella pero con los años me he dado cuenta de que no tenía razón. 

Los vestidos no sólo son femeninos y fáciles de llevar sino que con los accesorios adecuados pueden  ser muy versátiles. Hoy os enseño un vestido que ya llevé aquí pero con un look muy diferente...

¿Cual os gusta más chicas?
¿En vuestro armario predominan vestidos o pantalones?
¡Feliz domingo!

My former stylism teacher told me once that dresses were not the best option to build a closet because they were difficult to combine. At that time I agreed with her but with time I’ve realised that she wasn't right.

Dresses not only are feminine and easy to wear but with the right accessories they can be extremely versatile. Today I show you a look that I already worn here but in very different way…

Which option do you prefer ladies?
What pieces win in your closet? Dresses or pants?
Happy Sunday!!

Denim dress: Mango (outlet) (also worn here)
Cardigan and clutch: Blanco (old)
Shoes: Cuplé
Leather belt: Valeria Romagnoli by Marianelli (Firenze) 


  1. Beautiful :)

    xxx Lara

  2. I am TOTALLY a dress girl!!
    and you are so right!

    dresses can be very versatile and you can combine with many things like you did here!!
    wow I love the one shoulder blue dress, look lovely and classy!!

    xoxo Tamara Chloé

  3. hola!!!!
    pues lo has combinado muy bien, vas genial,,nos encanta el color.
    nosotras os enseñamos nuestra coleccion de manoletinas.

  4. i love these photos <3 you look so cool! just like usual :)

  5. love this look .. the dress is wonderful!

  6. I love the off the shoulder look of your dress. It looks wonderful cinched at the waist with the neutral belt. Nice look!

  7. Hi, I do not see you as a follower ((can mistake? follow you!

  8. That shade of blue looks gorgeous on you :) Lovely dress! Completely adoring your blog <3


  9. love this on you

  10. Looks fantastic. I think dresses are versatile just as much as pants. I wear dresses more than pants and I love my dresses, they come in all different styles and colours too. You look wonderful. Have a great week :) xx

  11. Great Outfit :) Looks really great

    Love Storm

  12. tienes toda la razon, me encantan los vestidos y me gusto mucho las dos formas en que lo combinaste.. xoxo

  13. A mí me encantan los vestidos, es mi prenda favorita por todas las formas y colores que hay! =) y por lo cómodos que me resultan!!
    Me encanta cómo lo has combinado en ambos looks, el azul con gris o con marrón queda genial!
    Un besoo

  14. I love the blue with the nude tones! Very classy!

  15. This is a really inspiring post! I must agree with you...dresses can be totally versatile depending on how you style them. You look fantastic xx

    Twenties Girl Style

  16. I just love how you styled this dress! I agree that certain dresses can be surprisingly versatile! This one seems like you could wear it with so many different accessories!

    xo Jenny

  17. This is one of my favorite pieces from your closet Patricia! The 1 shoulder denim dress is so different and I love how you styled it!

  18. What a beautiful colour, I didn't even realize it was denim at first! Also love the contrast with the coral nails :)

  19. Chambrey and beige are always a classic pair. Very Chic!

  20. Love how you changed the outfit from a standalone piece to part of an outfit. Love the addition of the nude accessories!

  21. What was your teacher thinking? :) Dresses are super easy to layer as you have proven beautifully here!

  22. I love the one shoulder dress!

    P.S. I am your newest GFC follower :)

  23. I love dresses but I have a hard time figuring out how to style them sometimes. You did a great job with the belt and cardigan!

  24. love what a belt and a cardi does, looks so polished :)

  25. Me gusta el modelo de vestido y la combinación del vestido con los accesorios, que luces en la foto. Pienso que los vestidos son para ocasiones y es de buen gusto tenerlos en nuestro guardaropa. En nuestra cotidianidad, dependiendo de nuestro estilo de vida, opino que lo más práctico para desplazarnos es la combinación con pantalones o faldas. Gracias por la presentación. Saludos.

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